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"The Train" is an allegory inspired by current events.

There is an ongoing battle between good and evil and Christianity is now under severe persecution.

The film starts in the not- too- distant future in the year 2041 and it pivots between two different timelines. 

This film illustrates the conflicts as well as the erosion evil powers have created within the Roman Catholic Church. The laity itself becomes the main force holding the church together, as it fights the powers of darkness that takes the lives of Father Michael, Christie and her two daughters, Anna and Mary.

The evil "Grandmother" who is the head of an ancient crime syndicate, and hates all of humanity, is desperately trying to get her hands on a vial which contains some droplets of the blood of Christ, now in the possession of Cardinal Langham, who bravely stands up to the communist forces that are chopping Christian's heads off. 

"The Train" is a very powerful film, with an inspired screenplay, 

beautifully photographed in b+w and 35mm color film.

Director/ Writer: L. Steven Stanley

Run Time: 90 minutes

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